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Beige Spaghetti Strap Blouse

Beige Spaghetti Strap Blouse

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This blouse seems to combine elements of sophistication with a modern and trendy style, making it suitable for various occasions depending on how it's styled. Beige Spaghetti Strap Blouse with specific design features. Here's a summary based on your description:


Color and Material:

  • The blouse comes in a solid beige color.
  • The material used is polyester, which is known for its durability and easy care.


  • The blouse features spaghetti straps, which are thin shoulder straps providing a delicate and stylish look.
  • The bust is described as ruched, suggesting gathered or pleated fabric for added texture and style.
  • The blouse has an asymmetrical design, indicating that the hemline or overall structure may be uneven or varied in length, giving it a unique and trendy appearance.
  • It's described as a sexy blouse, indicating that it may have a form-fitting or flattering silhouette.


  • The use of terms like "Vintage Chic" and "Streetwear" suggests a blend of classic and contemporary styles, making it versatile for different fashion preferences and occasions.

Target Audience:

  • The blouse is designed for women, and the use of terms like "Ladies" and "Female Tops" emphasizes its feminine appeal.
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