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Dog Footprints Heart Necklace

Dog Footprints Heart Necklace

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Introducing the Dog Footprints Heart Necklace - where style meets heartfelt charm! Elevate your fashion game with this exquisite accessory, model XL766, crafted from high-quality materials including brass, cubic zirconia, and epoxy.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of this necklace, measuring a perfect 45CM and weighing a mere 5.7g. The intricate design showcases a heart-shaped pendant adorned with adorable dog footprints, making it an ideal piece for dog lovers and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Embrace the joy of receiving a 100% brand-new, excellently crafted accessory delivered to you in style with our chic opp bag packaging. The  Dog Footprints Heart Necklace is not just jewelry; it's an expression of passion and craftsmanship.

**Key Features:**- **Model Number:** XL766- **Material:** Brass, Cubic Zirconia, Epoxy- **Size:** 45CM- **Weight:** Approximately 5.7g- **Condition:** 100% Brand-new excellent craft- **Package Content:** Chic opp bag

**Jewelry Maintenance Tips:**- If allergies occur, pause wearing; this is fashion jewelry, not real pure gold/silver.- Keep out of reach of small children.- Minimize contact with sweat.- Remove before bathing or washing.- Avoid mixing with other jewelry or hard objects.- Regularly clean for lasting beauty.




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