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Tactical Full Face Mask

Tactical Full Face Mask

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The Tactical Camouflage Balaclava Full Face Mask is an ideal choice for military personnel, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. This mask is professional-grade quality with a soft-knit polyester fabric construction, giving you ultimate comfort and protection in the field. Its hood design fits snuggly around your head while allowing full movements by keeping the top part of the face exposed to ensure you have clarity of vision during combat or outdoor activities. The camouflage pattern gives you an extra level of invisibility from enemies or wildlife. Keep your identity safe and undetected with this mask in both urban and natural settings. With its lightweight yet durable fabric, it provides effective insulation against cold air and wind while also controlling moisture so that your face stays comfortable and dry throughout your mission. Protect yourself from the elements in style with the Tactical Camouflage Balaclava Full Face Mask -- your perfect companion for all outdoor sports!




Material: 100% Nylon
Size: Length: 33CM(12.99in), Width: 22CM(8.33in)


Package includes: 
1 x Tactical Balaclava

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